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Drama is Angry Men - Ambrecel



Drama Kings are Angry Men,

You know these men,

On the surface they have it together,

But then they have the insane girlfriend,

I will write about these women,

In Angry Women.

Yes I’ve been called crazy.

Being a single mother,

I never wanted to date,

And I still don’t so I don’t date.

Yes I did scratch the itch,

Everybody does right.

Free love with AIDS.

That fear of AIDS,

Keeps my legs closed,

And yes condoms are a must.

But I was raised with the notion,

That sex is love.

Yes I was beaten,

For looking at my Clitoris at 6,

Maybe I would’ve been better off,

If my parents did divorce in 1980.

I lost my dad for a while,

Moving from him in the middle of the night,

Because of some fight.

Yes my parents fought,

So normal right?

So masturbation,

Was something frown upon.

And yes with Birth control,

Who wants to masturbate,

Just get in there with a man,

Get his dick inside and ***CENSORED***.

And yes my generation,

Talked about mom’s putting kids on BC at 15.

Angry men are rarely masturbated to.

And yes there is a couch that wanted to teach my Generation,

And she does,

But she is not in the angry men generation,

She is music,

And a good coach.

I can tell you she is like the tortured man,

And a friend of my Lover’s.

Who has 4 minutes to save the world.


Madonna is the key and yes she is coach for Poem Lover: Angry Men. Love Manda


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