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Pere and Marbles - Ambrecel



These wealthy women,

Want my Lover’s soul dead.

They want and desire,

His soul to never feel love,

And rot in a place,

Where anal sex is right,

That give anal tears,

That poison the blood and brain of a woman.

The women do not feel his pain,

Of his penis hurting,

Upon entry.

Marbles was in the movie,

Where the phantom penis got hurt,

And for me a waking nightmare.

Pere would go,

I gave up a vacation.

For your one,


A truth that set me free.

The Legal wife is bad for business now,

Because she wants me hidden.

The climax of a show,

Not happening,

Because the Legal Wife,

Did not get what she,

Wants wants wants.

There is no baby bottle for her mouth.

So some wealthy women,

Want my Lover’s money,

To abuse his half soul,

So he never knows love.

And his half soul has no money,

To buy his own soul from them,

Making both my Lover and I,

Feel heart broken,

And yes you can die easily,

Because you do not feel love.

And Death without your one is the road to hell.


Ben Affleck is marbles. TI is Pere.


I love you Madonna.




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