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Nicki Minaj is in this- Ambrecel



Husband was stolen,

So another man became my husband.

Hard to explain,

The souls being halves.

Legal marriage happened,

For both my half soul,

And my Lover,

To just friends.

Jury is still out,

Hips is making people listen.

The Righteous still pound their books,

Trace those Details.

It hurts so much not being with my other half,

Saying “I love you”

And feeling nothing for my friend.

It hurts family,

And yes my Lover,

Might not understand my perspective.

Cheating on myself,

Will send me to hell,

Away from my lover,

And the two headed monster eventually.

Because in the end,

I married a friend,

My Lover did too,

But also my Lover,

Loves his own self lies.

I need to feel,

I am so cold,

So hell calls to my half soul.


Nicki Minaj is Hips. I love you Madonna, and Nicki Minaj always has the last poem of my book series, Poem Lover.



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