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Rihanna is RiRi -Ambrecel



His eyes,

My Lover’s eyes,

Sometimes look like empty glass eyes.

They look at the air,

And say,

Where is the love inside.

He has to do what he does,

And his eyes beg,

For people to not see.

The empty glass shows,

That sometimes inside does want to be touched.

He felt cheated,

Because I was cheating in a way,

On our soul.

Yes being with another,

Because my Lover was busy,

I did not know.

This is me,

The woman he was with,

And my heart got fear with in,

Yes this is past,

I did look for him.

He was not there,

When I needed him the most.

So I turned to another,

Knowing that my feelings were numb.

Hoping for a light,

To ignite inside.

That never happened.

No flame,

No heat,

And my Lover did not know.

So my Lover’s eyes,

Over the years,

Look like RiRi’s,

Which sometimes look,

Like Empty glass eyes.


Back, and I love Madonna being the key. Rihanna is RiRi. I looked at a lot of pictures, and RiRi gets these eyes, I think she is pissed but not, she does not want people to see what she is thinking.




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