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Life is no Tv Show - Ambrecel



Yes writing this fiction poetry,

But life is funny,

How it works it’s way into the poetry.

There is no secret identities are there,

Like a Hannah Montana,

Starring a Smiler.

And yes my lover changed his name to call his Mother?

Certainly the Smiler in her show,

Had a great relationship,

With her smilerdadder,

And no we are never going on a talk show,

With another one of your friends,

Your Dancer.

So please understand lover,

I know I am pissed about a song,

You calling your mother!

Especially the screw you at the end.

Why we can never be friends.

The Jury will know,

Life is no TV show.

And the Righteous will have to Trace,

Details of no rules.

I never saw you,

Not the star,

I saw a younger man.

And that younger man,

Was the kisser of my life,

Best attraction of my life,

And yes I got scared,

Because he wanted to be an actor,

And why is it bad for me,

To not want to ***CENSORED*** up his life?

Why is it bad for me,

To push him away,

Wanting for him his dreams to come true.


Hannah Montana is in here, Smiler is Miley Cyrus, smilerdadder is Billy Ray Cyrus, and Dancer is Ellen.


I love you Madonna, you are the key.




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