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Luke Skywalk is in Dick in the Box - Ambrecel



TurtleNeck Sorry could not fit you in the title,

There are no rules,

Laws are lies,

So the Jury,

Is out,

The Righteous love bullshit rules,

And Trace this detail.

Yes Amanda is in the background,

And has been pimped in songs,

And she knows of a phone call with,

The Great Producer.

Luke Skywalker is encouraging these poems,

Because he knows the holy apparition is in him,

And won an argument that Pussy and him had.

The Pussy is me.

SO Dick needs to know money is okay.

It is good,

And the whore,

The Pussy is pleased,

With her belly button pimp.

So knowing Luke Skywalker is one,

With his woman,

He’s having fun,

Picking on his little girl,

Who was Amanda,


I know that is a lie,

Because I was no where near a trailer court,

Near a high school,

When I was six,

And no where near,

Meeting the future actor.


Luke Skywalker is protective,

And tells me that money is okay.

That Dick needs the approval.

And Pussy does want her lyrical Dick in a Box.


Luke Skywalker is Brad Pitt, an actor I met looked like Mark Hamill who played Luke Skywalker, I was in Missouri and met Luke Skywalker before he was famous... truth, this six year old told Luke Skywalker to be an actor, glad I did. But people told me I was lying.



Turtleneck- Andy Samberg

The Great Producer - Timbaland


I love Madonna.




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