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Pussy is fussy,

She doesn’t like certain Dicks,

And she is being demanding,

Because she wants her Dick in a Box.

Now the Righteous,

And Jury need to Trace Details,

Because Pussy enjoys the package when it comes,

Accept when Dick is not liking the vagina,

That his brian is telling him to like.

Yes Dick got a young adulthood,

Because Pussy’s brain in her head,

Said yes he needs that.

Now Pussy knows,

Dick might love her best,

Because he sends his entire package to her.

Pussy gets Dick’s testicles,

His penis,

His pulse,

And Dick knows how to turn Pussy on.

Without Clitoris,

There is no puppet hips.

And that is sad,

Now this is something stolen,

From SNL,

And yes DICK sometimes says EWWWW…

I know tasteless steal from the TSSJF.

I am certain the Joker,

Will love being included because SNL,

Is still fun.

Remember Pussy is writing this,

The honey who does get her lovers.

Dick in the box.


Madonna is the Key, players in this poem:


Turtleneck Author of Dick in the Box

Jimmy Fallon As Joker

TSSJF as self

(Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)


I love Madonna



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