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Caged and Triple Married - Ambrecel



I share songs,

With two woman,

My lover did this.

And he is married to all three in the music.

I am hidden,

In the background,

And the Righteous would disagree,

With the two headed monster.

Men are greedy,

My lover no different.

Adam only had Eve,

Again remember the rib,

Is soul,

A half soul,

And meat sack parts do not matter.

The Jury will decide,

If a man,

Legally married,

And then half soul married,

To two different women is appropriate.

The Angel understands,

It is good business,

To share one song with me,

And have her music videos,

Compliment his.

His friend is his legal marriage,

And then there is me,

The one that cannot escape him,

Because the two headed monster,

Made him my brother,

Which means husband,

For me.

My Lover is me,

And I am the female him.

So my husband is married,

To three women,

In the music,

That I count,

Could be four,

And I am okay with marriages,

That help business.

I am not okay with having sex,

With his legal woman.

Or a concubine.

Since I go inside of him,

And become one,

Like Adam would be one with Eve.

I want to run,

I am the running half of the soul,

That took 2000 years for him,

To find and catch me.


Okay remember epic fiction poetry, Olivia Wilde is in here not completely, and she might be apart of love stoned the music video... I'm Amanda in the background of most of Justin Timberlake's music.


Britney Spears is in this as Angel... and she is married not really to Justin Timberlake, like I am in the music.

I love Madonna.




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