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My Name when Smelling garbage... is not Ambrecel



Hips is enjoying these poems,

And with the apparition inside of her,

She comes to me as a teacher.

She knows how the Righteous,

Tells her who she is,

And how that her faith,

Told her what to do.

She said the Jury,

Will pay if you continue to do the labor of love.

Well the Jury will decide,

On how this case will move forward.

My lover is supposed to be the best ***CENSORED*** of my life.

And I him.

That is what the two headed monster said,

After the crucifixion,

And love entered my soul.

The two headed monster made me smell the garbage,

And told me my name.

Hips told me this happens to all women.

And my name is the one that is the same as my lover,

Just with Amanda at the beginning.

Hips loves what she is reading,

Because someone needs to write,

About the holy ghost,

And what happens.

My lover did this first.

Of course men are supposed to be first.

With True Blood.

So Hips will read this,

And help save the world with my lover and I.


Hips is Nicki Minaj, and according to me, we all become Jewish after taking Christ... etc. I love you Madonna, and censor me all you like. My love for you does not mind.




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