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Evil happens with the lover - Ambrecel



ury my Lover has curiosity,

Because in the belief has to be there,

So he has friends Witness,

And the man who witnessed is also a new friend of mine,

In the body of god.

Because of the Lover’s curiosity,

He has this friend,

Come to me in Gone Girl,

Starring Marbles.

I had the worst pain of my life happen there,

And Dick was not pleased on my lover.

The friend who witness is Bra-man,

He can move things with his mind,

I hope Donnie Darko forgives me.

So two nicknames in this poem.

The curiosity isn’t something to Trace here.

My Lover was with his friend,

And butt sex happened.

And it hurt men’s dicks.

I felt it,

Nearly screamed,

All I really did was say,

Ouch Ouch Ouch,

In a very public place,

A movie theater.

The Righteous would tell me,

To keep this secret.

And this is serious.

I did not enjoy that day,

My Lover decided,

Ass was where dick needed to go in another woman.


Jake Gyllenhaal has two nicknames Bra-man and Donnie Darko. Ben Affleck-Boldt is marbles. I love playing with someone when I was ten and he loved directing with Marbles. I was at Page Elementary School Massechusetts, living on Ft Devens Mass, and a Ben was my next door neighbor. I can imagine it was Ben Affleck. You see Page Elementary School has a famous man's mom working there when I was in 5th grade, Matt Damon. Anyway. Here is a dark poem. I love you Madonna.



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