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A lie which is truth is you believe- Madonna



Two souls were split in half,

And yes we will not die on the same day,

But could.

Something happened,

And souls were split in half.

One soul put in a meat sack,

With Male organs.

Another sent down later with female organs,

And then the two headed monster said reproduce.

There is no way for the souls to be together,

Until death.

If you find the other half,

You can be one.

Forgiveness is the key to being one.

Hard to explain.

That the soul has no sex organs.

That a special touch is needed,

Because the soul has no eyes.

We all both male and female look like the two headed monster!

And again FORGIVENESS by the monster is needed.

We are on a prison planet.

And we are not free to leave,

Until we are forgiven,

And learn to love.


Madonna, women are in the image of god, and we are lied to about this. Just because we have a vagina, doesn't mean god is completely male, and guess what the soul has no sex organs. This is a tough lie to deal with because people take for granted reproduction and not pay attention to soul.


I already know you understand this Madonna.


I love you Madonna.



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