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Coach Not Certain How to teach this- Ambrecel



How do I teach this lover?

Who cannot be my friend.

You just lost something you loved,

And you made the decision to do it.

You lost a piece of land,

Your soul is me,

And I know you show your love,

In the Mirror.

This lesson is hard to teach,

I cannot do it alone.

When I was being Tortured,

Finding out about the spirit inside,

I met pure love.

And it was the two headed monster.

What I was told,

In that magic dream,

We all lose one thing we love,

If we do not obey one commandment.

Since I am your soul,

I must love you.

And yes you screamed in my head,

We do not become one.

We both know we do.

It really is love our god,

Like we love ourselves.

And there is proof we lose,

One thing we love.

Throughout our life stories,

For not being thankful,

And loving the two headed monster,

Who is god.

This is god’s tool.

Because we have to love the triangle,

And then we have to love us.

Before other people.

I need to forgive you lover,

And you me.

And I feel betrayed,

Because I did lose a dream,

Suffering because I could not love us first,

And you told me the truth years ago.

Because I could not love us,

Our soul,

I am suffering.

You are too now,

Because it seems you love me lover,

But again we don’t.

How to fix this betrayal.

Trust in the truth.


Madonna, this is a riddle and the truth. Through out many stories, gratitude and love are one. Believing in a higher force might not be a must, but it helps. The lesson to be taught, I cannot do alone. The higher power "God" or whatever, actually does this takes away what a person loves the most if there is no gratitude or love for the higher power first. My lover just took a huge loss, and I believe he's trying to silently teach this lesson, as am I. Coach please help.


I love you Madonna. Amanda


The higher power is pure love.


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