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Madonna is ALIVE - Ambrecel



Yes I was a walking dead,

Up until three years ago.

And yes I saw christians,

And had christians act like slavers.

I want to tell you,

When I got in the alive portion of my life,

Now the ALIVE want to be friends.

That isn’t a great thing,

Because I am supposed to forget,

What they did to a dead person.

RiRi is right,

You do need to get along with all in the head.

How do you get along,

With those that acted like slavers,

Because they were alive,

And you are dead.

Yes forgiven,

But not forgotten.

I’m telling you RiRi is pivotal in this story,

And the future is her.

She knows what she is teaching with Puke.

And Pere wants to teach too,

But we all get ignored,

Because others want to be mean to the walking dead,

To get them to believe.

If that works,

That might be,

I don’t think so,

Because the slavers with their slave documents,

Are not people I want to get along with,

And this living person,

With god inside of her,

Wants to be free,

And love everybody,

Including the walking dead.


Madonna is a living person like me, and she loves everybody, I know this. I do too, including those with the slave documents... etc. Rihanna is in this poem as RiRi, Puke is Eminem and TI as Pere. Again alive v dead, understanding I was Catholic, and am now just plain old me, and I believe in magic... I love you Madonna Amanda


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