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Vacation And Friends in God - Ambrecel



Pere is a gift,

And will meet him soon,

He cancelled a vacation,

And told me years ago,

He was going to get even.

He did this with telepathy.

Like me,

He has a piece of Jesus in him,

And his past is over,

Like mine.

Well Pere is a dad,


He truly is.

And being a family man,

I do not mind him mad about his vacation.

I bet he already got even,

Because Pere is one with god,

Like he is with his woman.

RiRi is sweet,

And she is going to be a pivotal character,

She uses her dance and song,

To help others.

And she gets along with everybody.

All in these poems,

Are like me,

Thanking the two headed monster,

Or god,

For everything they have.

Hips is in,

And she isn’t too thin.

I love having her encouragement,

Because in the end,

These poems might save a few doubting people like me,

And understand the holy ghosts magic,

That is hidden because of fearing,

A burning stake or hangman’s noose.

My lover might not know,

But he’s loved by me,

And I need to forgive him,

For not setting me free.

Yes Mother Fierce is going to get me,

For being mean to my lover,

And Papa Fierce knows his woman,

Is like no other.

So Pere is going to get me,

Or already did,

Beating the crap out of me,

For giving up a vacation,

With possibly his kids.


Hi there Madonna is the key to some crazy imaginative poetry, and full of pride, I am happy to include in this poem, here are the players:


RiRi- Rihanna

Pere- TI

Papa Fierce- Jay Z

Mother Fierce- Beyonce

Hips- Nicki Minaj


Once again I will try different things, but we are all about love in the end. And understanding what I am doing is crazy. I love you Madonna!



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