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Pain for the Lovers- Ambrecel



He's mad at me,

And I know it.

Plus I am hurting,

My lover knows.

This is a conflicted,

Intense knowledge.

I know he told me the truth,

I told him too,

That for me I was in a slave relationship,

With people who wanted that.

Yes this is past,

And my lover knows.

He still is the most attractive,

And I am having problems knowing that.

I am a woman,

He is a man,

And he is acting like a husband,

After all.

This marriage is not normal.

A pope did our vows.

There was no pastor,

No documents to sign,

No witness,

Maybe funny hair after all.

This marriage is of our hips,

Is of our heart.

But the pain inside,

Of knowing we touch,

But can never be seen,

Hurts like nothing you can imagine.

My lover will never be my friend,

And every bite of fish,

Makes my former ex-husband,

Friend feel revolted about me.

My lover being a husband,

In spirit,

Is acting like it now to me.

I want him to act like it,

Even from a distance,

Because in the end,

We can never be friends.

And he knows,

I lied to him.

So my lover is hurting,

And so am I,

With no contact seen in the future.

My lover knows,

I lied.


I know this pain, and Chris Kirkpatrick is still funny hair. The Pope married the lovers during a secret hidden Catholic Church thing. Well, I am no longer Catholic because of that secret. This is about the lovers, and yes a deep love with deep pain. I love you Madonna. Amanda


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