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Dealing with Some No issues - Ambrecel



Tired of my lover touching her,

And me feeling her.


There is something here,

She kisses him,

I have to bite my lip.

I feel her legs against his back,

Him bouncing a little on the hips.

I end up wiggling my hips.

Yes feeling a bit crazy.

He hate me reminding him,

Of whom he might be screwing over,

With his decisions of doing stuff like this.

He doesn’t like,

That I am a girl,

And sometimes I do not want to feel her lips on mine,

Yes I am a bi-sexual,

But common,

There has to be respect for a no.

My lover is having sex with his friend,

And for months,

I’ve complained,

About a tongue in my mouth,

Or feeling his hips.

Or her peeing on him to pee on me.

Yes someone said,

They would pee on me too,

Because of what my lover was doing,

Since the woman knows,

She not only is ***CENSORED*** him,

But she is ***CENSORED*** a woman who does not want to ***CENSORED*** her.



Judge me if you want, these are details the coach needs, and yes sharing here. This has been an issue for the person in the cage for months. A woman and man not accepting a no.

I love you Madonna Amanda


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