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How do you explain the magic,

Or the confidence.

The Joker is magical,

And he leads in his show TSSJF.

My lover had a touch,

That made me stay,

Before that,

It was not looks that made me long.

It is in his hands,

And the Joker in his magic way,

Because my name was in a song,

Before reproduction rumors,

Wants to state,

The lover might still love.


The coach needs to be aware,

And through pictures I will see,

Her love for her friends,

And hopefully me.

And yes there is a man,

That might also have the magic touch,

But he is the leader,

That I love,

So we might never touch,

And of course his wife will kill me.

His character will be quiet in this poetry,

His yes you can attitude,

Will be seen.

So Barry,

I pray wishes on you nightly,

And hope you agree with Joker,

That my lovers magic touch was needed,

If My lover truly loves me here in the cage.


Hi the President of the USA got into this poem, and I called him Barry. And yes Jimmy Fallon is Joker, of course his show had to be mentioned, Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, yes will get back on theme soon of writing Beowolf for the first time in years, so it has to get darker. I love you Madonna. Amanda


PS Madonna is coach and Key!


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