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The Great Producer - Ambrecel



Not happening,

And yes there are holidays,

For magic people to love.

And yes I am one of those people now.

I love writing that I was a former walking dead,

A zombie.

It took me forever to become alive.

And I know my reason why.

Turns out my lover didn’t know,

He thought I might have ignored him.

And you never know.

The Great Producer,

Helped my lover out,

And his friendship to me,

Was treasured before we parted.

It was fun to flirt with the great producer.

And he knows,

He helped my lover.

And I know the help,

Will prove I am a person,

That has been impersonated.

Which is funny,

I know my life,

But because of being an internet,


And this is reality,

I can hide.

Thank you Great Producer,

Just like the wizard of Oz,

You are behind a curtain.

Just for me.


This is for Timbaland, and yes he's my great producer. I love you Madonna you are the key. Ambrecel


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