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Puke is the star- Ambrecel



Puke is laughing,

His ass off,

Because a woman got caught,

He knows he wants this ***CENSORED*** to go to sleep.

And just enjoy his laughing about a woman in a cage,

Of course there is Angel,

In that cage once in a while,

So Puke goes to visit her there,

And I know Puke has a HUGE crush on the Angel.

Oh but a Night Train is coming,

Once he finds me,

He will ghost at first to test the waters,

To see if we will not debate.

Of course he’s a conservative idiot,

But I love him anyway.

My lover wants me,

But does not,

You never know,

And I know my lover,

Wants three wives,

I am just one of two.

And yes his legal marriage,

Is on his side,

For making Bank.

And Puke will not help me,

But my conservative Night Train,

Just might,

If I do not piss the Night Train off,

He could work with the coach.


New star in this poem Night Train, I really did have a slight scary interaction with Kid Rock on a train late at night, so Kid Rock is in this Lover Poem, fiction of course, and yes Britney Spears is still Angel, Puke is Eminem (I love him) Love you Coach, and I love you Madonna Amanda


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