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Spirits are one - Ambrecel



The walking dead do not have living hearts,

And in these Lover Poems.

I’ve tried to explain my part,

And yes I am a monster,

At least half of one.

And yes we all are supposed to be in the end,

One with the two headed monster.

Which makes sense sorta.

My other half,

Has to answer to the two headed monster,

And so do I.

Prayer wishes are answered,

And Prayer curses.

The funny part,

Is even this former walking dead,

Had prayers answered.

I know now,

That having one man talk to the two headed monster,

Is sadly wrong,

And that one man,

The head of a legal church,

A church full of laws,

He cannot tell,

Other two headed monsters,

Other souls like myself and my lover,

That they are one.

Only those that answer to the two headed monster,

Can find their ones.

So billions of people,

Are not one.

And are walking dead,

Seeming alive but not.

And yes breaking the laws are happening,

But confession after a piece of the monster,

Is in the heart,

Has to happen to the monster.

Yes I was walking dead,

Half alive sorta,

I knew in the end I would be living,

Because my other half was alive.

And I was dead,

So I was legally written out of his life,

But then he wrote his heart,

And me into his life,

Like I am trying to write him back into mine,

After life came into me,

I saw him.

The two headed monster is scary,

But the monster creates the souls,

And lives.

Being from the walking dead,

I want to tell other dead,

That we have been lied too.

And let the magic begin.


Madonna this is truth, hidden in poetry, I do not know as much as you. And I love you Madonna Amanda


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