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Law and Names The coach needs information- Ambrecel



Dear coach,

Sometimes before coaching,

And coach needs to know the teams,

The strengths and weakness.

Law is the teams weakness.

Law has birth certificates,

Where parents declare the name chosen.

Before that,

Like puppies,

There really is no word for who that soul is.

And two half souls make one whole soul.

So technically a one,

A one soul has two legal names.

Hard to explain,

That a soul could be named,

Carol Carole,

Yes or,

Randy May,

Yes the two headed monster whispers the name.

Or that soul decides to hold one name,

Like say,


It is very rare when a name has to be found.

And yes remember half souls have no real gender.

I knew I needed to find my name.

I told my soul half soul that years ago.

He wanted to name,

So his driftwood was found,

He loved Timber,

And I wanted wolf,

Yes this is fiction,

Because there is a lie told,

Where this half of the soul,

Will never be found in a story.

Lake was him.

In the end,

I love the name he found.

Again these poems are not the truth.

They are fantasy,

About a monster,

A marriage,

And law.

Where the two headed monster,

Only had one rule,

Love the two headed monster,

And then ourself.

A rule broken because loving ourself did not happen.

And yes we are together,

But separated with out a name to be found,

Just blind energy of touch.

Until a piece of the two headed monster,

Reaches the heart.

Then our other halves can be found.

Mine has issues,

Because of law lies.

And I might never be with him,

Because the meat sack loves sex with another.


Names are law, and god only knows how he created language, Babel and everything. We are to learn to love the two headed monster first, and then ourselves. I love you Madonna Amanda


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