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Walking Dead Don't know Soul Has no Color - Ambrecel



Everybody can make prayer wishes,

Once they have a piece of a scary loving ghost inside of them,

When that happens magic starts.

And fear grips the living,

Because the Dead will try to stop a living being.

Yes the dead breath but nothing is in their hearts,

And they still love the living who are different.

Nobody sees Kravitz coming,

He is a true leader,

Why they do not see him,

Is because the dead still judges color.

In the end living cannot judge,

Because soul has no color.

His leadership is needed,

With Magnolia,

Whose beauty is like no other.

But she does not want to lead,

And stays quiet.

Once again the living need to remember soul has no color.

O has a way of saying what she needs too,

And shines the light on issues that affect the living and dead

Through reading.

Her leadership is needed,

To help my lover and I,

See that love is color blind.

Well she needs to show everybody love is color blind,

And there is no need for a legal marriage.

Beauty; she is there quietly singing her songs,

She knows in her music she has honored the soul she accepted inside of her heart,

The dead might not know Beauty has placed that soul in her music,

Which is sad because the dead should know,

But she will have haters then not listening to the quiet songs,

Those haters would tell people not to listen to her,

Because at one point I was walking dead I know,

Beauty also shows that soul has no color.

Stacy is funny,

And I want her involved,

Because she is going to be someone,

That helps spread love of the soul inside,

Stacy is magic too.

And I tell the world with some pride.

Because soul is color blind,

And blind,

I love Little Elvis,

Even if we do not see eye to eye,

On political issues,

His song tells the truth,

If you listen it is no lie,

The blindness is in,

Just The Way You Are.

And then lastly,

I need the wisdom,

Me personally,

Because in the end,

I betrayed my lover,

With my deadly sins,

When I was a walking dead,

She is an Intelligent Lady,

Who might still be learning,

Because that shows wisdom,

Her willingness to be smart,

And her want to learn.

So Intelligent Lady if you can,

Please help me understand,

The lies that are told,

So the world will learn,

The walking dead Don’t know Soul Has no Color.


Madonna is the Key, and again writing a poem story with two headed monster, and other stuff, it is a good thing that Madonna has this blog, and I am using her as the key, I love you Madonna. Amanda





Kravitz- Lenny Kravitz

Magnolia – Lisa Bonet

Little Elvis – Bruno Mars

Intelligent Lady- Sharon Stone

Beauty- Nichol Scherzinger

Stacy- Fergie Duhamel

O- Oprah Winfrey


Thank you so much Madonna, I do hope she reads these someday!


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