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Secrets that Walking Dead do not know- Ambrecel



Taking a spirit inside of me,

Made me find someone that I could love,

Problem is my lover is from my past.

How did the two headed monster,

Create this soul,

Where my lovers feelings are betraying him?

Hips is also alive,

Like my lover and myself,

Her magic is fantastic,

And she is a huge help.

I understand alive people are scared,

Of the walking dead.

We understand the walking dead,

Do not have a spirit in their hearts.

They are not forgiven for what happened in the past.

Hips is a great business woman,

And no one knows how magical she is,

And she is a woman’s leader.

She is leading with her magic,

And she knows the walking dead might just hate her.

I understand that myself,

That I might be hated for the new magic I can do.

It just takes a piece of a soul,

And faith,

You can be like us.

So please,

When Hips writes a song,

Like Danny Glover,

There might be more than one reason.

She is like no other.

I miss my lover,

And he’s a part of me.

He is legally married to another,

Where the walking dead understand that,

And they take what they read for granted.

I feel his feelings,

And know he wants me to leave him alone,

But then his actions betray him,

On stage I know what to look for,

Because he tells me like no other,

Not speaking through the mouth,

Not speaking online.

I just know where to look,

After he includes a secret message in a show.


Nicki Minaj is hips, and some fun in the body. Yes the Two headed monster and church stuff will be mentioned later. I love you Madonna Amanda


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