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Sexy Walking Dead



Give me magic,

And being alive,

Over being dead.

Let me talk to strangers,

That I have yet to meet.

Thank god for the gifts of spirit.

And I do not want to retreat.

There are sexy walking dead,

And they need help to speak to me.

The magic that has happened,

Do not take away from me.

My lover is a bad man,

Oh so bad to me.

I want him to leave me alone,

Like he wants me.

He pisses me off,

So I do my magic to him.

He gets pissed off,

I get pissed on.

This magic is what I crave,

And my lover knows.

I might date another,

While my lover is legally married to another.

I want an action figure,

And his body is hard as a Rock!

Oh I would love to be hugged by those arms,

And take walks.

So my lover is a mean man,

Turning me on like no other,

But since he’s married to another,

I want to date a Rock!

I do not want to date a sexy walking dead,

I want a living man,

That can do magic to me,

And smell weight lifting chalk.


Hi there, some sexy poetry about dating, and yes I find The Rock SEXY! Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is not walking dead. And yes for halloween talking about zombies. I'm looking for the people with the two headed monsters magic. I love you Madonna Amanda


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