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Living a Lie- Ambrecel



He told me I was his,

I told him I’d be his mistress.

We could not be friends,

Because to meet him I had to make choices like no other.

He was so young,

So alive,

So glowing.

And I said,

When I was told of his choice of a lie,

Well now I know it was a lie,

When I was told of his suicide,

I said without thinking he is my one!

We both knew who we were,

Even though I was dead,

Well maybe I truly was a half dead person.

We are apart,

Because of our ages.

Yes because of my parent,

I never masturbated,

I never smelled my cum,

So for years,

He knew of me.

And that I am his one.

This is the betrayal,

A truth,

I want my one to succeed,

So am willing to live the lie.

I am willing to be crazy,

And betray the truth of who I am to him.

His lie is what we live.

And I am alive now,

Just like him.

He is someone I want to be free of,

So he can succeed.

His lie,

His legal lie.

Is what needs to stay truth.

I love him when he was young.

I love him when we fucked.

I will love him until I die and beyond.

So what is love,

But setting self aside,

And live his lies.

Because he is my one.

Oh and remember,

Prayer wishes have happened,

Where someone else might have prayed a wish,

To keep him from his one.

And she is me.


Every epic has to have some past, and story telling about pain, lies, and how events lead to the future. Madonna, this is epic poetry, with lies and truth mixed in, with god and jesus, magic, and death. I love you Madonna Amanda


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