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Half Dead People - Ambrecel



My own parents were sorta half alive,

Until one day my mom told me of phantom baby kicks.

My mother was alive.

She was from a soul mate pair,

Arranged marriage by the two headed monster.

My dad was from the same,

But he was half alive.

My mom alive,

Because of her mother,

My dad dead.

I had gifts I could not explain,

Even though I was dead.

My parents were the same,

Both of royal lines,

Both from half soul parents,

That became one.

So I was dead and alive at the same time.

Hard to mention the half people.

Half dead because of not accepting the ghost of a soul in them,

From the two headed monster,

Half alive,

Because the parents were half alive.

Those gifts are still in the child.

Once the soul is completely accepted,

The hidden marriage is revealed,

Where you know who your other half of a soul is.

I am only half a soul.

Now the problem is,

My grandparents,

Can explain my lover.

You see one was alive,

Knowing who their half soul is,

They married legally knowing,

They could touch,

But barely did.

My lover had this issue,

He knew he might have touched me,

He knew I wasn’t alive,

I might have been half alive.

But I lived among some walking dead.

He had no choice,

But to live without,

His other half.

And with what he did,

He really does want his other half.


The walking dead does not understand,

And my other half,

Does have the fear of being caught.

I don’t for some reason,

I’m the half with a ***CENSORED*** death wish,

Because in the end I want to save some or all of the walking dead.


Sometimes Coaches need a lot of information, and I am writing poetry to explain some gifts. Magic happens on this planet, and this is epic poetry. I love you Madonna Amanda


PS Catholics are dead... I don't know... I was and I am a former Catholic.


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