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7 deadly sins are committed by The lover- Ambrecel



Oh coach,

How I need you,

Like I need the two headed monster,

A piece in my heart.

My lover and I,

Have committed all of the deadly sins.

He has been Jealous or Envy,

To the point where a ring found its way to me and onto my hand.

I’ve been jealous,

Because of finding out who he became.

We are both greedy,

Him for women and money,

And I for him.

Sloth has happened,

Both have been slow to do anything for each other.


Me in my obesity when I was miserable,

Him in his greed.

Lust of course,

We both want sex,

Or wanted it with each other at one point.

Wrath is him and I,

Once again both have tempers,

Which is scary for the both of us.

His wrath on missing most of his life with him,

Mine because he wanted to make choices for me.

Again pride is both of us,

Mine for a prayer to not see him again,

I was scared of him and his power over me.

His Pride was wounded,

Because he thought I would want him no matter what.

Which I do happily.

I needed him to chase,

Like any woman would want,

Instead he set a trap.

For the both of us.

So we are both forgiven,

By the two headed monster.

But we are also betrayed,

By the sins we’ve committed.

We need your wisdom,


And I know it is there.

Your heart is actually golden,

Even if you do not care.


Epic poetry, and Madonna is the coach for the lover. Who is a BIG SINNER! So am I, so my lover and I can never be friends, but he will always be my only lover I ever took in my life. Right now he is a jilted lover, and he's doing well at that. Coach, even if you do not care, I love you Madonna Amanda


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