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Prayer Wishes come true with life in the body- Ambrecel



Hard to explain this,

Because I was dead in spirit.

True I know that,

Others do too.


A month after life came into me,

I saw my lover giving up on love.

How that hurt me,

See him so pissed.

Yes his own emotions,

Were driving him to write ***CENSORED*** Love backwards.

He was giving up.

Settling for something,

I don’t know if the settling was because he thought I was lost.

There is not hope.

I lust,

He lusts,

And yes I still trust him.

My pride is hurt,

Because I have been humbled,

Three years now,

With interacting at a distance.

We both do not have tongues,

That will allow us to speak,

Because I made a wish,

I do not know how to take back.

My wish was simple,

I didn’t want to see or hear from him again,

I wished on him a happy successful life.

Without me.

My magic worked to a point,

He cannot be seen in real life by me,

I can hear him.

So this spell I cast on myself,

Hurt him,

And me.

So how to undo a wish,

Since wishes come true.

A magic woman might be needed,

A coach,

To break the spell.

I am alive now,

With true spirit,

But I was powerful before life breathed into me,

Since the two headed monster knows past,


And future,

Prayer wishes do come true,

And Prayer curses.


I love you Madonna, working on Deadly sins, Pride and Lust, this poem is in the Emotional Betrayal section. Which is a difficult section. So you are the key and the coach. Amanda


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