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I need a Mother Fierce,

I need her wisdom,

Her strength and her beautiful innocent heart.

I pray for help from the Surfer Girl,

Who knows my lover.

I need my cousin,

By Imagination Pink.

She knows how to sing about imperfectly perfect people.

Someone who might understand,

The crazy I am feeling now.

My lover has friends,

That might understand,

Or super fans like Swift,

That might have heard the name in the harmonies and drums.

My little people and a little girl I never met,

Need understanding of the crazy that has happened,

So when it happens to them,

Of course this is fiction,

The adults can explain the truth.

There is something about black,

A woman wanted to mention,

And that she is a wife to funny hair.

She could help understand,

That love is blind and might not want to be famous.

The Coach is about love,

Understanding with no regrets,

I need her the most.

Now Tallulah can bring hope,

Because I am a fan of hers.

Hips is a favorite business woman,

Who I hope can guide me with kindness.

There was a time when wardrobe malfunctioned,

And mistaken identity happened.

I want to meet Control.

So stuff will have to happen.

Dark Horse will become KP,

And yes my little people loved her,

Of course little peoples tastes did change.

Then there is another strong,

Beautiful woman of mixed origins,

I want to shake her hand,

Her guidance would be appreciated,

She will share the same name as the state I am from,


One woman I will forever remember,

My Lucy,

She talked to me about stuff I did not understand completely,

She should win an oscar for that movie.

We have never met in real life.

And I have to apologize to Berry,

She has something like me,

From birth she struggles,

Mine I was diagnosed in 2005 it is PCOS,

While Berry is strong with hers hidden.

She is a beacon of hope to find a cure for her.

My apology will be accepted,

I love her.

These women will help me,

See beyond attraction,

And what the two headed monster wanted for me.


This has a list of new character, and we will be in the Betrayal section soon, where I explain the deadly sins, yes fiction with truth. Madonna is the key, and coach.


Cast in this poem:



Mother fierce – Beyonce’

Surfer girl- Cameron Diaz

Wife to Funny Hair- Karly Kirkpatrick

Tallulah – Demi Moore

Hips- Nicki Minaj

Control- Janet Jackson

Swift- Taylor Swift

Berry – Halley Berry

My Cousin by imagination is Pink

KP- Katy Perry

Lucy- Scarlett Johansson

AK- Alicia Keys

Coach- Madonna

Little girl I never met And the little people


Thank you, and yes there is a fantasy with truth, I know some stuff is my way of explaining some biblical stuff, that I might not understand because the Catholic Church never explained it, I am more spiritual putting god first now, than anything. I love you Madonna. Amanda


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