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Holy Father Mother Church- Madonna they don't tell us...



How do you explain,

That Mother church,

The Catholic church does not point out,

You need to take a piece of the two headed monster in your heart.

Then there is an arranged marriage,

Where two halves of a soul become known,

Because the fruit that was poison,

Was forgiven.

How do you explain the legal evidence,

Is sometimes not the half of a whole.

This is hard to explain,

And hurtful in the cage.

Knowing that what god did,

Can be ignored,

And a man can legally marry another.

Now I was ignorant,

Being a dead person until I was one score,

Add ten,

With six.

So finding out that a soul,

Is two halves of a whole,

Is unnerving.

And then I look at my other half,

And deny that is really me.

My lover has more talent.

Here is the truth,

He knew I was dead.

And could not reach my spirit.

So he fell in love with another,

And has a story to tell with his Angel.

He married with legal certificate,

And I am trapped forever in him.

This cage is a truth,

She might be removed,

Others might be put in,

While I might never leave.

There has to be hope,

In the cage.



I am not attacking the Pope, but here is the truth, how can the Pope, who is the only man that is talking to god, tell each soul-mate pair they are one. It is like the Catholic Church wants to keep some people in a perpetual prison. Anyway, this is fiction poetry and EPIC. Yes I am proud.

I love you Madonna.


PS Yes Jessica Biel is in this... truth, she is one of the most beautiful women on this planet.


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