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Actors are in this Poem, with Eminem My Puke, Ambrecel's Epic poetry



I need Luke Skywalker’s help,

Or Jor-EL.

I know maybe Dude could help,

And I know that is something I need.

Older men might know how to tell my lover,

What to do with me in his cage.

Rumor could help,

But he’s always busy.

My lover might not know what to do with me.

Maybe a younger man,

Like The Fat Boy,

Would advise my lover,

On how to release me from the cage.

I know Puke might help,

He is like my Evil Twin,

I love my trailer trash,

Hidden friend.

And Romeo might not like me,

Because I mistook him for someone else.

The Rock could help,

I do love his guns,

And maybe his wisdom,

On being of three or four different worlds can help.

In the end,

I am trapped in my lovers cage,

With no sign of being released.

And no way out.

Maybe a dad of twins,

Married to a sweet woman,


Who is my ideal Thor,

Could be an influence,

On family for my lover.

He might become a friend to my lover,

A personal hope.

So please I need out of this cage,

But I do need my lovers attention,

I crave what he does,

Not expecting it,

And loving his surprises.


Madonna is the key, and these characters, in my opinion have to be in here, this is just adding more to the cast, and betrayal will happen in a few more poems. This is an epic poetry book with a story being written by me.


Cast in this poem in no order:


Eminem is Puke.

Sean Penn is Dude.

Brad Pitt is Luke Skywalker

Chris Hemsworth is Sasha

Nicholas Cage is Jor-EL

Bruce Willis is Rumor

Kenan Thompson is The Fat Boy (personally do not like but...)

Leonardo Dicaprio is Romeo

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is The Rock


I know a lot in this key, but every epic has lots of characters even if they are bit parts. I love you Madonna, Amanda


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