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His Attention-Ambrecel



Sleeping in my bed,

I think of other men,

And what my lover would feel.

He would feel a man kiss me on the cheek,

That woke me up the other day.

Being in his cage,

The idea of bringing another man in is happening,

He has his other woman,

That is open and free to be with him.

I do love my lovers attention he does give to me.

Then he has his first love,

His Angel,

That shares the same melody as me.

She might be in his life too in a different hidden portion of the cage.


I love my lovers attention.

He might need to be left alone.

That is a truth,

He has the friend that is out in the open for his show,

I am hidden in plain sight.

And all I need is a few notices from him,

That is it,

To know he’s thinking of me,

And saying he might love me too.



Britney Spears is angel, angels can be good or bad, and yes she is apart of this fantasy epic poem. Writing this isn't easy, and I love that I made Madonna the key. We are still in the cage section about to leave it, to start the betrayal. Love you Madonna Amanda


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