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Social Network Poem- Madonna is the Key- Ambrecel



Sometimes there comes a time,

When in the cage,

There is a screen,

With a Social Network.

My lover wanted to dream,

And he loves dreamers.

So he did something,

For a Zuckerburg.

Why is there a need for big dreams,

Like Facebook.

Because my lover,

Believes people that dream big,

Have their dreams come true.

My lover believes,

His friends dreams will come true,

Because he’s around people,

Who dream big,

And then the work gets done.

Zuckerburg did inspire,

So my lover honored him,

By doing what he does in the cage,

And I get to watch,

From a distance,

Him doing his job,

And it was well done.


Madonna is the key, this Lover Poem, which is a mix of fiction, truth, religious ideas, and just plain old fun has now Social Network, Facebook, and Mark Zuckerburg. My lover in 1999, remember, name was Travis and I found my name in Justin Timberlake music. I still do not know if Justin just changed his name, so Travis is the truth, and Ambrecel in Not a Bad Thing is the truth, but I still do not know if I was ever with Justin Timberlake. So I love you Madonna. Amanda


PS The Lover Poems is a story poem book, so the story must go on, so working on Pride, Vanity and other deadly sins into the fiction parts of the story. Enjoy.


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