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Too Young- Ambrecel Lover Poem



Someone’s too young,

But his left arm goes up in flames,

I have to tell him I love him,

When I feel his arm being touched.

Yes in a bright blue jacket,

He photoed the arm for me,

I saw it and smiled knowing he needed the I love you.

You see here in the cage,

Someone shares my lover’s name.

And he is Too Young for me.

But man he’s a cutie,

And he can sing angel songs.

Women all over the world want him,

Touching his arm is all I do.

To tell him I love you.


Justin Bieber is the arm touch, and yes that part is the imagination of the Lover Poem. Yes Madonna is still the key. I did see the electric blue jacket photo near an SUV of him, Justin Bieber, pulling the jacket sleeve up which inspired this poem. The characters are going into place. Love you Madonna. Amanda


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