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Jesus made it into this fiction poem- Ambrecel (yes Jesus is part of god)



This is bonkers,

But it is apart of the story,

Because male and female souls,

Become one.

We are created in the image of god.

And yes my lover has my penis.

A dream for me,

Was the female half of god,

Saw she had a penis,

Cut it off,

Placed it in a jar.

This pissed off the lead god,

So he rescued man,

And placed him on earth.


Man wanted his female half.

So she got sent as well.

Two were forced,

To not be partners,

Because of vanity,

Of the woman not liking the looks,

Of a male penis.


I've written this before,

Souls do not have a vagina,

Nor penis,

It is just a soul,

Where two souls,

Make one god,

Who becomes one with god,

And yes somewhere that was lost.

We had to find each other,

So god made it easy,

By placing a piece of god,

In man and woman's heart.

Then we are told who our other half is,

Guess what,

I had no choice on who my lover is,

And I do not think he loves me,

Like I love him.


This is part of the Lover Poem Collection, and yes Madonna is someone that is in the poems as a character. I know these will be read in the future... being an author, me, Ambrecel, sometimes people do not read the poem stories until they are completed, and yes in the book offline, Madonna's name will be in the beginning of the character I imagined her to be the coach.


Jesus is in this poem, as taking him in your heart, and yes I am Christian, sorta out of the Catholic Church for breaking too many rules... I love you Madonna, Amanda (yes the coach is Jesus too, or like him.)


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