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Poem that has love in It.



Still hidden,

I am watching him.

I know he’s with another,

And sometimes I am sad about that.

Other times I am excited for her.

This is so good for both of them.

So I wait.

Sometimes I want to talk to them both,

And they do.

Other times I want to be alone.

And that is just me.

Alone is something I treasure,

And right now,

Being trapped in my lover’s cage,

I am not alone.

Yes It is,

Love our two headed monster,

Like loving ourself.



So I need to learn,

How to love my lover,

I need to love him unconditionally.

No strings attached.

Then I might be able to love,

His friend too.

Am I crashing in the cage,

Because I am struggling,

Being one with my lover,

Who will never be my friend.


Nsync made it into this poem with No Strings Attached, a song I did not understand until starting to write the Lover Poems. I hope Madonna is loving being the exclusive celebrity key for my poetry collection that is called the Lover Poems, of course god is in this poem. Love you Madonna. Amanda


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