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New Poem For Madonna- Lover Poems - Advice is Needed



How do I contact the Coach,

I do need her advice.

Because I will probably bring another man into my real life.

She might have some idea,

On how to stop my lover from feeling,

Me with another man.

I know I could pick a woman,

My lover has proven I love being with women.


I need to get him to talk to me,

About his sexual needs,

So I can prepare myself to be kissing a woman I have never met.

I want to get the Coach,

To talk to Luke Skywalker too.

I think both are the best advisors,

On career for me.

Luke Skywalker has not found me,

Not recently,

He did once,

In the worst beard possible,

To look at a poster of his new wife.

He had issues,

Being married to another,

While finding the woman for him,

Who was like no other.

I told Luke Skywalker,

The woman was his and she has the most beautiful lips,

Just like his.


Okay now we have Luke Skywalker in a poem with Madonna, Luke Skywalker is my personal nick name for Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie is also in this poem as the person on the poster, and his wife. Jennifer Aniston is in this poem too, no nick name, just that Luke Skywalker was married to her.


Anyway, I need advice, and there is some Catholic stuff in the lover poems, I'm no longer Catholic and cannot enter a Catholic church ever again... Madonna is still the coach, and this is the exclusive place to find out who is going into the Lover Poems, a book to be published in 2015-16, an epic poetry book. It is a story, and loosely religious. I love you Madonna, Amanda owner of www.ambrecel.com where the original lover poems are seen.


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