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Can I trade him IN? - As seen on www.ambrecel.com



No choices,


He is my one.

I am a two headed monster,

Just like god,

Created in god’s image.

My one,

Is a male soul,

While I’m the female soul.

I want to trade in to pick someone different.

Choices are supposed to be there,

Not with the one.

So I have to look at him,

And go man I’m like him?

I refuse to be him.

I want to be me.

He is nice sometimes,

And then he is cruel to me sometimes.

I am supposed to be attracted to the same things as him?


So why am I different,

But the same as him.

I want to be one,

That is a drug.

So can I trade,

My one in,

For another male soul,

That is more like.


This is the Odyssey of our time,and it is about a Lover and his soul mate. Two that do become one, and yes in the soul becoming one happens. My issues with this fiction with truth is that the Lover and his one are not getting along, and the Lover does do cruel things, I do not want to return the favor even though it is tempting. We need the coach who is Madonna, she will understand this crazy stuff, and no apologies. I love Madonna, fan for the next few centuries. Amanda


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