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Bitter Sweet Truth- Lover Poem with Madonna the Coach



It makes me sad,

Understanding the spirit now,

And how people are kept apart because of law.


Yes I love politics,

And the writing of law.

Spirit knows nothing of law.

A truth that has to be faced.

How can I face the fact,

That I had no choice on whom,

My soul-mate is.

Oh lucky people find out,

And then use the law to marry.

Why the coach is needed for my one,

And for me,

Hoping she understands stuff,

I had no clue over.

Love is the truth,

And my need for choices,

Hurt someone.

My selfish need to make a choice,

Was taken by the two-headed monster.

And yes,

Women were created in the image of god too,

Woman is not told this.

Two becoming one is the truth,

The hurt is me,

I’m the monster,

Age does not know spirit,

Sex is just the meat sack,

So yes two men can be one,

Or two women.

This is tough,

We make choices,

Wishes to create a life.

Knowing law takes from the spirit,

It hurts everybody,

And soul-mates are in prison,

Kept away from each other,

By laws.


Politics is in poetry, and my own fault for pushing someone away a couple of times, not really wanting to bring him into my life right now, but the spirit is hurting. Madonna knows from her own songs and music, love is the truth. I love her, and am a HUGE FAN! Ambrecel. Nobody completely knows about the 500 poems collection, and I wanted to be open about it right here on www.madonna.com


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