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The marriage is just hitting me,

And I am in his cage.

I have to feel him,

Watch him,

While he is taking care of his meat sack.

He’s married to two women,

One with a legal document,

That he dated for a while.

While me,

I have the spirit,

And she wants to be with child.

My spirit longs for him,

And I think his longs for mine,

I feel her kissing me,

I feel me inside of her,

When him and me are one.

This is a marriage,

Of spirit,

No man or woman,

Can rip apart.

Yes there is an intimacy,

I cannot explain,

Like the cold showers,

Or feeling her pee on his shoulder.

I do not want to be in his sex life.

Nor feel her sometimes.

But this is my marriage to him,

I am in his spirit,

While she is on him physically.

In real life.

She is his wife,

She has her legal documents,

She will be buried with him,

If they stay together.

I am his wife too,

And my spirit is his spirit,

While his spirit is mine,

What is sad is in the after life,

She will not be his,

Because he’s mine.


Madonna, this is catholic spiritual, Holy father mother church, I finally get that after I am no longer Catholic, and excommunication is going to happen to me soon. This is the reason why my political days are over, I know this is facts and fictions, please enjoy my insanity, and this one has nothing to do with Madonna, knowing spirits are Adam and Eve, are not meat sacks that means gay marriage needs to happen, fucks with the mind.


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