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New Poem For Madonna- Lover Poems - There is a marriage




Or twenty,


There was a marriage.

I respect the pope,

And he married me.

My lover,

Said yes,

So we are married in the spirit,


My lover is in another country.

How all this works,

There are no boundaries,

To imagination.

The two headed monster,


And he needs his coach,

To create the magic.

In hearts the coach goes,

And with helper.

So a marriage happened,

Not a legal marriage,

Like with my lovers friends,

This one is in the spirit,

Where in the end,

My lover will eat me,

To go to heaven.


Madonna is still the coach mixed with Jesus. And yes another poem, these are facts with fiction mixed in, and spiritual stuff that is unbelievable. There is a marriage, a real one, where my lover married me in his music with his memories and mine, my name does show up, my screen name Ambrecel, in a song that was/still is on the radio. So Madonna, this epic is on the way, 500 for the first volume and I have gone a bit nuts. I wanted too, and woman's politics in the USA will not have me in it because of woman going crazy.


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