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Yes in the cage,

There are many people,

Such as the Angel with bright brown eyes.

There is JF,

And his crew,


There are others like the Coach,

Because she can help my lover,

And my lover has many many friends.

Hoping Hips gets his friendship,

She probably already does,

And Funny hair really was there in my past and my lovers.

All my lover did was change his ***CENSORED*** name.

So having fun,

And the lover poems will be epic.

There is a friend,

Hoping she doesn’t become a monster.

Blue eyes too,

But he’s very shy.

And others,

We all are writing this epic together.

JF is a joker,

He hasn’t encouraged me,

Nope not at all,

But I love it when,

I get hidden in plain sight,

And nobody knows I’m there.

I want out of my cage,

That my lover is in,

Because for me,

He might want me to be free,


I might be his one.


Poem 121 of the 500 poem collection the lover poems, not saying who the lover really is right now, but Madonna knows him, and he has Tunnel Vision.


Blue eyes is JC Chasez, and yes this is up on the blog, Angel is Britney Spears, someone wanted that today, and yes Chris Kirkpatrick is Funny Hair (long story on how he got that name in person), I didn't get others in here it is on my blog and lover poems are going up fast. Funny how I need a new section at 195... will see how the story is developing. Of course JF = Jimmy Fallon, and TSSJF... you can guess, adding some stuff. Nicki Minaj is hips.


Madonna being the coach and Jesus will be fun, and yes not finished with the story, the two headed monster is making me feel stuff with my Lover that I cannot describe, and in real life nobody would believe, my lover is a brat with an interesting way of being in my life for a long time. Madonna will get a kick out of it, and I'm #noregrets. Amanda


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