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Second Madonna Poem in the lover poems



This is the second poem in the cage portion of the Lover Poems, a 500 poem poetry book, and then there will be a sequel of 500 poems, as seen on www.ambrecel.com. I am writing a book to describe love, and Madonna is still the coach, she is sharing with Jesus in this poem. This is to about soul-mates, sin, and love. I hope you enjoy.





The two headed monster decided to banish,

A split that should never have happened.

One went to earth,

And he was like my lover.

When he asked for his other,

They sent her.

The sin happened because the man wanted power.

And power has been there for one not the other.

What has to happen,

Partners to become one.

My lover and I are fighting,

We should be partners and one.

A coach is needed,

To explain about a special way,

To find one another.

To be one is to be partners,

Not have one lover have power over the other.

Now I’m in a cage,

Baited and lined,

With one friend.

My Lover has some power,

But he needs to become my partner.


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