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I need a Coach as seen on Ambrecel.com



I do not normally do this, but the coach is Madonna. I am writing a lover poem collection for someone that can never be my friend, he's my lover. Long story, Madonna knows my lover. She will find him fast. So here is the first Madonna poem for a 500 poem collection that started months ago, and yes, celebrities are notified when they make it in the collection. As seen on www.ambrecel.com


I need a Coach



Plea to the world.

I need a coach for my lover.

I need someone that lost their mom,

That is a pain like no other.

The coach for my lover,

Cannot be like any other.

That person will have to have a heart,

Wear it on their sleeve.

He needs a coach,

That can help heal his heart.

And explain to him,

That the coach is like me.

Losing a mother,

Even a bad mother that I had,

Hurts like no other.

Because you only get one mother.


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