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My dedication to our one and only MADONNA



Everyday i share my life with Madonna, through her fantastic music to the dedication i have by way of memrobrilla ( pictures to cloths and all thats in between) I have just tried to add my newest addition but its telling me the picture is to big to be put on my profile. After seeing MDNA last year in London . i just knew that my life would not be complete without 'our queen' . I have always had the upmost addmiration for America so i had my third tattoo done on my arm , it is off the American bold eagle with wings wide open and in the centre is a large but very fitting 'M' underneath are the words QUEEN MADONNA. I could not think of a better way to show my feelings for a great country and the worlds finest Lady. My profile shows a lovely portrait on my left thigh, on the right is the name MADONNA done in 3d and in perfect colours that represent all. The eagle will not be my last tattoo, but each one will in its very own way compliment the one person that has given me strengh, enlightment and comfort among many other things and always will do. MADONNA i salute you and thankyou from the bottom off my heart. :) xxx :)


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ÓW!!! :D Great honor for our queen!!!! I'm addicted in Madonna. When I turn on my computer, the first thing that I do is to find news about our queen and to open this site and listening her musics because this is a great form to feel that Madonna is near from me, although this isn't true and to calm my heart with miss of the Madonna.

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