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Latest experience with items purchased from store



Hi all i just wont to express my disappointment and above all frustration with my countries way of dealing with items i purchased from the Madonna Store. Since being a member i have tried to support all that Madonna has been doing and continues to do. I love the items that are featured in the store all of the, over the years i have made several/ many purchases without an issue. However when i made an order earlier this year everything when great at the american end payment was made , item was sent. But when it arrived in England the problem started. It took a long time to arrive when it did i found that i had been charged VAT at 20% on top of what i had already paid, then to top it all i was given a £8.00 handling charge by Royal Mail bring my total to over £50.00. I love my item but being on a low income this caused problems. I do not in anyway blame Madonna , her team, her store this is just a reflection of what i feel is unfair and not justified , there was also no mention of this when i checked my custom rules.

I will always support MADONNA in any way i can. At the moment I would love to purchase several items from her store but at present am unable to due to this new rule .

The rule being anything over £15.00 will be charged 20% VAT on entry to the country.

I will continue to save up for what i wont.

Just trying to warn others of whats going on in our country.

I LOVE YOU MADONNA ( can not wait for new album that i will purchase no matter what)



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