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  1. Rebel Heart Tour

  2. Hi Guys, I Know that You already knows about the BBC radio, so Let's help Madonna. There is a page on Facebook created for a fan that the objective is do all fans help in promoting Living For Love Music in the UK. And criticizing the BBC Radio 1, that It says our queen is so old for play on the radio. Looking there for more informations and Helping our queen... The page is: #LivingForLoveDAY - 25th February
  3. #LivingForLoveDay

  4. Madge presented the Super Bowl the 3 years ago

  5. 3 years Madge presented the Super Bowl

  6. When We speak about Madge, is so difficult choice a preferred music, video, or live song because all are fantastic and I love...but always there is one that we identify us. So...Who's That Girl World Tour, I love so much "The look of love", too “Live to Tell”/ “white Heat”/ “Causing a Commotion” and “Who's That Girl”/ Blond Ambition tour (“Like a Virgin”, “ Like a Prayer”, “Keep it together”, “Sooner or Later”, “Causing a Commotion”/ )/ The Girlie show ("In this life", too, “Why's it so hard” and “Justify my love”)/ Drowned World Tour ("Secret"/ Don't Tell me", "Human nature")/ Re Invention ("Die Another day"/ "Mother and Father")/ The Confessions Tour ( “Forbidden Love”/ “ Isaac”/ “Like it or not”/ “Sorry”/ “Let it will be”/ “Hung up”)/ Stick Sweet Tour ( “Candy Shop”/ “She’s not me”/ “Heartbeat”/ “Devil Wouldn’t Recognize you”/ “Spanish Lesson”/ “You must love me”/ “Don’t Cry for me Argentina”/ “ Like a Prayer”/ “Hung up”/ “Music”)/ MDNA ( all musics)
  7. Happy New Year!!!

  8. xpdri

    Merry Christmas

    Hello Madge and all fans of our wonderful queen!!!! I wish for u.... Happiness a lot Serenity everyday! Success in each time of your life! Good Friends for all times! Love that never finished! Good regards of everything what was lived! A way that guide you until a gorgeous future! Merry Christmas!!!!
  9. Merry Christmas!!!!

  10. Nothing fears!!!!

  11. Yeah, sure!!!! Madonna is our queen and our inspiration.
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