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For the Newbies about to be an Icon Member

Ingrid Collins


It's no more possible be an Icon member since 2009/2010 (sorry I don't remember). Since that date who turn a member is a Classic Member and consecutively have to wait to buy the tickets for the show :( Yeah it's sad but is true, maybe one day the Icon come again (let's pray) !! Did I help you?



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I think now it's first classic member then Live Pass member and finally if selected it's Legacy Member...I'm not sure...Mr. Johann knows the most about it...If that's any help to the new members?..

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So sad, I would like... but the important isn't the title, but the love that We have with Madonna. :D

That's true....Sometimes we can't see the forest because it's blocked by the trees....

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Sure, You do some blog this form: the first of all you need to be logged, so you click in the blog icon and will show in the right corner of the screen the word "add entry" and manage blogs, so I think that you click in "create blog" the right corner of the screen too, after will show Blog terms &rules, that are the conditions to create some blog, after taht you read, you click in " I have read, understood and agree to these terms of the Blog usage" and continue, so you can put a name of your blog, some description and continue, after you can do some configurations about your blog, how: "Default status of new entries?", "Approve comments posted on your blog?" and save. Right, your blog is ok, now you can post something. How??? You can click in your profile, blogs, "add entry", after you click the name of your blog, so you can add entry title, entry tags, entry Image, entry Album or some text or image. After you click in save draft, so you can to publish, delete, lock, edit, in options.

I wait to help you!!!

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