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Shutting up the Little Monsters !

Ingrid Collins


We all know that Little Monsters are insane for attention as Gaga is, but how to end with this big shit ??

First of all we have to stop to giving them the attention they're crazy for. For that is important stop to share things about Madonna x lady gaga because we know that Madonna is better and she is the Queen !! Then the little monsters will think : ''Yeah, they give up! They know that Gaga is the new queen!'' , but of course they're wrong because THERE'S ONLY ONE QUEEN AND THAT'S MADONNA


One advice: let the monsters think that gaga is the queen, they'll realize some time she isn't. The difference between the LMs and taylor swift fans (for example) is the LMs wanna fight and the taylor fans don't. But doesn't matter who that person is fan her idol always will be the queen/king for her.


And I honestly think that Gaga and the little monsters are that way because everybody give to them the attention they want it so bad, and now they wanna kill everyone: Madonna fans,taylor swift, kelly osbourne EVERYONE. I used to be part of that fight in my facebook I shared many things about Madonna x Gaga, but now I realize and I stop to share. Do the same and they will stop, trust me !!

Love Ingrid XX

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