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Dream about you



I saw the dream about you. Like we know each other. After concert I met you. We talk about different thing and the end I gave you a script from the move because you always wanted to make good movie. It is about young jewish woman who gave the birth to a child from Nazi soldier. She keep a child with realives and run from Russia to europe beacuse she affraid of Stalin Gulag ( concentration camp ) as betraider of motherland. Then she moved to Israil and became first famous Israil's singer. After many years she return to Soviet Union to see her child. The rest I don't remember....

Good luck in new years.

From Russia with love


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Hahaha. I dreamed with Madonna too, that I'll go at the show and Madonna after visited me in my house, this was a crazy dream, but I would like that this will be true hahahaha...Oh my god!!! I'm crazing!!!!

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my dream is about love with an local girl I love her more than myself. for her I fight with devil in that dream my friend kill me but I do not wish be a dead because I wish be with that girl. I try all my life (now I am 40) show her my love for her. Also I dream I ask MADONNA for help and she give me few advice in her songs, GOD write song with advice for me too in that dream but she is engaged to another near the morning.

Details about this dream, you will can read in the book when and if I write it.

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